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Kiara Somner was born and raised in Bermuda and has  been dancing since the age of 6. She has grown a passion over the years as she gained experience through the many different opportunities offered to her. Having been able to attend classes in the U.S. she was able broaden her perspective on the world of dance. In 2002, Kiara joined the In Motion School of Dance where she has developed the will to perform. Kiara loves “awkward” dance positions that come together to create visual art. She enjoys dancing to intricate sounds of music that typically are ignored by the more abrasive sounds of a song.

Kiara admires choreographers like Mia Michaels because of her ability to captivate and audience through emotions.  Through Kiara’s 10 year span at In Motion, she has learned to perform in such a manner that intrigues those who come to partake in the In Motion Annual Showcases.  She has plans to continue dancing and help facilitate the passion of upcoming dancers as it was through this avenue that she was able to explore the world of dance.